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If you finally feel that AFM is the way to get you where you wish to be and you are determined to put your best into it than do not hesitate and book yourself an initial consultation. This consultation will involve the formal discussion with AFM representative and may involve a health check or a fitness test depending on individual.

You will be asked to fill in and sign a confidential health and lifestyle questionnaire that you can also download, print out and bring already filled and signed with you (saves time during your consultation!).

After that we will together agree times, places and the way you will be trained. You will also have to pay your sessions 2 weeks in advance and sign a contract with AFM which you can also find on this website.  Client Agreement

To successfully complete the registration you need to do the following:

  • Fill in the on-line registration form (below), tick the box "I agree." after you read the terms and conditions and submit your form
  • Print out, fill in, sign and bring along to the initial consultation your Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire (this will save us time during consultation)
At the initial consultation:
  • If you are unable to print the document please inform us by e-mail and we will bring a copy for you to fill in at the consultation
  • You will be required to sign the hard copy of the contract (terms and conditions).


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  • About AFM

    A Fitness Model is dedicated to making your health and wellbeing dreams come true.


  • About Petr Pav

    Petr Pav is the founder of A Fitness Model and the creator of The Body Transformation Program


  • About Bodybuilding

    Petr is an award winning bodybuilder having competed throughout the world.



  • Training with Petr is awesome! In the past I had always struggled to see any results but after two months with Petr I not only felt great, but could see a huge change in my body...
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  • I've had many trainers over the years - maybe too many - and none of them compare to Petr. Petr brings an expert approach to training: he knows the body and how (and where) to push it to get results...
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  • Petr listens to the goals of his clents, creating a varied and results-driven training programme. Although he works you hard, sessions are enjoyable...
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  • I've known Petr for 4-5 years,always ready to help and give you good advice. as a personal trainer he has allowed me to achieve my goals and approach the training more professionally...
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  • Petr is an excellent personal trainer. He knows how to motivate you, even when you are feeling tired and not ready to try your hardest. He makes the training interesting and fun...
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  • Petr’s admirable tenacity and sheer drive serve me in making my goals realistic and achievable, whilst Petr’s enthusiasm and “never give up” attitude means my goals are always in sight...
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