Press and charity work

Petr has featured heavily in the UK and European media.

Petr Pavelec and Barbara Windsor

East London Charities

In the UK he has been part of a charity campaign, alongside celebrated British actress Barbara Windsor, in support of East London charities. A cause that Barbara feels close to due to her work on the long-running UK soap opera, Eastenders. More..

Wimbley World Wide

I know, I know... it's rare I talk about anyone else on my blog besides myself, but our friend Petr Pav did such an awe-inspiring job at the UKBFF Kent Classic Qualifier, I just had to brag. More..

Petr Pavalec at UKBFF

Supporting good causes is a passion of Petrs' and recently he has also been involved in helping charities including RunForLove146, an organisation that supports the abolition of child sex slavery and exploitation.

Petr pictured with wife Sylvie during the RunForLove146 charity event in London


Petr pictured with wife Sylvie during the RunForLove146 charity event in London

Beef Magazine

Body building magazines are always keen to feature him to give their readers a glimpse of what they can achieve through hard work and determination. Recently he gave a candid interview with Beef magazine about his success to date, his goals for the future and the secrets of becoming an award winning body builder.

Petr Pavelec featured in Beef Magazine

Czech Republic Radio Phone in His UK success has also been celebrated in his home Country, the Czech Republic, where he has been featured on news and entertainment programs. See more on Petr's YouTube channel

Petr embraces new technology and now uses YouTube and Twitter to keep his clients and fans up to date with his progress in the bodybuilding arena and with his media work. You can access his Youtube channel by clicking here

A Fitness Model Youtube preview

And for his Twitter, just click here

Preview of Petr's Twitter account

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Nutrition and diet

Petr's wife Sylvie is the brains behind the delicious recipes you find here on the website. She loves experimenting with new and healthy ingredients to develop nutritious, scrumptious dishes that help support Petr and his clients to achieve their best in the bodybuilding and weight lifting arena. Petr and Sylvie know that what you put into your body determines how successful you will be during your workouts and in competition.

Health Advice

Philip Crilly is a pharmacist and author of the You! series of books and workbooks. He is passionate about helping others become more healthy, happy and vibrant. In his role as a pharmacist he recognises that many people are keen to learn how to lead a more balanced and healthy life. They recognise that taking control of their health when they are still healthy is essential to leading a happy older age. It is never too late to take control of your health and Philip hopes that through his books, talks and workshops, that he will be able to give people everywhere the tools they need to get their health back on track and live the lives they want.


  • About AFM

    A Fitness Model is dedicated to making your health and wellbeing dreams come true.


  • About Petr Pav

    Petr Pav is the founder of A Fitness Model and the creator of The Body Transformation Program


  • About Bodybuilding

    Petr is an award winning bodybuilder having competed throughout the world.



  • Training with Petr is awesome! In the past I had always struggled to see any results but after two months with Petr I not only felt great, but could see a huge change in my body...
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  • I've had many trainers over the years - maybe too many - and none of them compare to Petr. Petr brings an expert approach to training: he knows the body and how (and where) to push it to get results...
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  • Petr listens to the goals of his clents, creating a varied and results-driven training programme. Although he works you hard, sessions are enjoyable...
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  • I've known Petr for 4-5 years,always ready to help and give you good advice. as a personal trainer he has allowed me to achieve my goals and approach the training more professionally...
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  • Petr is an excellent personal trainer. He knows how to motivate you, even when you are feeling tired and not ready to try your hardest. He makes the training interesting and fun...
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  • Petr’s admirable tenacity and sheer drive serve me in making my goals realistic and achievable, whilst Petr’s enthusiasm and “never give up” attitude means my goals are always in sight...
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