Petr Pavelec - Personal Trainer

When you become my client, you will have many benefits to suit to your needs and your lifestyle, such as the personal one-to-one sessions that can be provided in different ways and at different locations.

I can train you at your home, at a nearby park, your local gym or swimming pool, on the track, or at one of the selected gyms across London where AFM operates.

Each of your training sessions is tailored to meet your needs. For example, I offer outdoor sessions using special fitness equipment, or you can choose a body-weight workout, core-stability-based workout, or a specialized workout using specific equipment at the gym.

"No pain, no gain!" are words used by many professionals and non-professional exercisers. At AFM, I do not expect you to be in pain when training for your goal, but for us to work well together I do ask from you the following:

  • commitment
  • hard work
  • positive attitude

Once I know you are committed to your training, I will be able to help you to achieve your goals effectively! If you have some fitness training already, you probably know that it is a matter of physical AND mental ability that enables us to succeed when working out. If you have willpower and a positive attitude, you are halfway to success!

Your Goals:

Here are some of the most common fitness goals, which may be similar to your own:

Weight loss - is a goal of the majority of my clients. About 60% of all my clients want to lose weight, whether it is 1kg or 5st. If you need to lose weight, I offer a variety of training sessions, nutrition advice, and last but not least massage therapy of "your lymphatic system" which can help you to reach your goal more effectively. sample image4
Tone-Up - is a common goal of people between ages 18 and 35. My tone-up programmes are suitable for people who need a combination of different fitness applications and training styles to get them into the right shape! Monica, for example, is a 27-year-old who just had a baby. She wanted to improve the shape of her thighs and bum, strengthen her arms and shoulders, and gain stability to improve her fitness and stamina in her daily activities. sample image5
Increased Cardio-Vascular performance - is a goal of about 80% of my clients who contact AFM. In addition to their specific goals, they want to improve their ability to run, swim, cycle, row, or walk. Your cardio-vascular ability determines how long it will take, or how easy or difficult it will be to reach your goals. Although it sounds very scientific, your cardio-vascular ability simply describes the work of your lungs and heart to pump oxygen-rich blood into your muscles, enabling you to use them effectively! If, for example, you are training for bodybuilding, improved cardio-vascular ability will make it easier to increase your muscle size. With AFM, I will coordinate your cardio-vascular training sessions at your preferred location and at your convenient time.
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Body-Building - another field in which I specialize! With my personal experience and expertise, I will make sure that you will benefit from a wide range of training techniques, complete nutritional advice, spotting sessions, and access to a variety of products available online through my AFM Shop.(Coming Soon) Body building - Petr Pavelec
Posture related training - an inseparable part of the fitness services I provide through AFM, and focuses on developing the correct body posture through pro- and contra- exercise. Many people suffer with bad posture, including hyperflexion or hyperextension of the spine, scoliosis, pelvic tilt, rounded shoulders, and permanently-shortened muscles. These and many other conditions can make daily activities difficult. Following an assessment, in which I find out the exact cause of your postural problems, I then crreate a specific program for you that can include a combination of exercise and therapy. Click on my AFM Sports Therapy section for more information. sample image8
Training for specific sports target is achievable, and I have maintained a high standard in training men and women by networking with other professionals, ensuring the use of the latest techniques and information. Combining information, communication, and selection of the right trainer, equipment and environment, you can be confident in my ability to develop your training programme, whether you are a marathoner, footballer, squash player, rugby player, weightlifter, golfer, whatever! With the 2012 London Olympics approaching, I can provide training and support for athletes in many events and disciplines. sample image9


"AFM Client...What′s in the package?"

  • YOUR GOAL! I will work you to develop your goals and a personalized plan to get you there.
  • Petr Pavelec, your top-quality personal trainer
  • Every 55-minute session designed exactly to match your needs
  • Flexibility in location—that’s up to you! (park, gym, home, workplace) Locations
  • Free regular health assessments (heart, lungs, body composition...)
  • Special fitness equipment to use for your training
  • Option to train at London′s prestigious health clubs, with use of their top-notch equipment
  • Discounts for other AFM products and services
  • Online booking to guarantee your time slot
  • Online access to useful information and tips, and e-mail updates
  • Access to my AFM Library, a unique resource of files, videos, and information to help you during your training (registered clients only)
  • For annual members, an excellent training programme that ensures maximum effect from your hard work
  • Complete nutritional and healthy lifestyle advice
  • Access to my online AFM Shop, with great deals on equipment, food supplements, and other fitness-related products
  • 24/7 customer service, and the ability to contact me via mobile phone
  • Regular prizes (i.e. free PT session) for people coming closest to their weekly, monthly, or yearly goals
  • Discounted rates for couples or groups
  • Opportunities to participate in any of my “AFM Fitness Weekends,” where clients and trainers (and a chef!) join together to experience a variety of training and sports events at great locations throughout the UK and abroad
  • Classes at discounted rates at selected venues in London
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  • About AFM

    A Fitness Model is dedicated to making your health and wellbeing dreams come true.


  • About Petr Pav

    Petr Pav is the founder of A Fitness Model and the creator of The Body Transformation Program


  • About Bodybuilding

    Petr is an award winning bodybuilder having competed throughout the world.



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